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Posts made in September, 2014

In new media world, 1 am press release a miscalculation

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University of Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon announces that head football coach Rich Rodriguez has been fired during a news conference almost four years ago.(Photo: AP File) Tags National Football League University of Michigan Brady Hoke David Brandon I woke up this morning, as many of you did, to an abundance of stories about University of Michigan...

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Michigan’s 1 am press release leaves more questions about program’s future

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Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images Less than a day after Michigan coach Brady Hoke bobbled a defense of leaving in a concussed quarterback, causing many to question if he was completely unaware of concussion protocols and what goes on his sideline, the athletic department released a statement, which contradicted Hoke’s statement. Michigan placed the blame for putting...

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The Essential Elements of a Newsworthy Press Release

By on Sep 29, 2014 in Press Release | 0 comments

When used properly, the press release can be one of the most effective communication tools for getting your story across. Unfortunately, the press release is one of the most commonly misused tools by brands. It has become a crutch for a lot of companies. Don’t know what to do? Send out a press release! The problem is that a press release isn’t always the right tool...

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Press Release – Crisis in Autism Early Intervention

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Image taken from twitter Wellington, New Zealand – Autism Action NZ says not enough is being done for children with Autism. Kim Hall coordinator for Autism Action NZ says that the “current support for children with Autism, provided by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education is abysmal”. Current waiting lists for supports such as speech and language therapy...

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