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PRESS RELEASE: Church Militant Attacked by Leftists

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FERNDALE, Mich. (ChurchMilitant.com) – Church Militant, a 12-year-old Catholic media apostolate, with headquarters in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale, is coming under attack by Antifa-related protestors claiming the religious organization inspires a “culture of rape” and is “white supremacist.”

The group Michigan Peoples Defense Network (MPDN) is planning a demonstration at Church Militant’s third annual Strength and Honor Conference, to be held in Sterling Heights, Michigan on Saturday, August 5. The conference is entirely theological in nature, offering talks on the essential role of sacrificial masculinity required of Catholic men to be good husbands and fathers. MPDN’s aim is to shut down the event.

In a further effort to intimidate, MPDN is holding a press conference on the sidewalk in front Church Militant studios Friday, July 28, right by the front door, announcing the August 5 protest.

The claims by MPDN are completely false and unfounded. The claim that Church Militant is a promoter of white male supremacy is immediately contradicted by the following facts:

  • Church Militant has legal immigrants (including first-generation immigrants) employed in key roles. 
  • Half the organization’s departments are headed by women (one who is a legal immigrant)

Additionally, the claim that the conference is about “men’s rights” is a deliberate distortion. The conference is about men’s obligations, not “rights.”

Church Militant absolutely condemns and abhors the lies and violence that have become the hallmark of the Antifa movement, which MPDN members associate with on social media. Church Militant is not a hate group; MPDN is the real hate group, trying to intimidate religious organizations into silence and shut down a conference meant to help men become better husbands, fathers, sons and brothers by fostering the virtues of humility, charity and sacrifice.

Church Militant is further disturbed by the group’s thinly veiled threats of physical violence present in the language of their site and Facebook page. This kind of discourse cannot be allowed to stand in a civilized nation.

Church Militant is open to discussion with anyone, and have indeed made this a hallmark of the work conducted here for a dozen years, but we will not be cowed by lies and thug tactics becoming so commonplace on the Left.

The real bone of contention that MPDN has with Church Militant is not the spurious claims and lies it’s telling, but the positions we take on morality and decency, and Catholicism’s teaching that all life is sacred and needs to be respected and honored.

As creatures made in the image and likeness of God, humans need to understand that our laws, customs and mores need to reflect this truth on every level.

MPDN is anti-religion when that religion promotes theologically grounded teachings like the sacredness of life from its first beginnings to its natural end, and the sanctity of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

As such, MPDN sets up a straw-man argument, lying about Church Militant so it may demonize the work the religious outfit does. Church Militant is proudly pro-woman, pro-life and pro-immigrant.

For further information, call (248) 545-5716.



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Here’s That Press Release Summerhill Sent About Its Bullet Hole Wall, in Full

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Reformed Corporate Tax Attorney Turns Vacant Bodega into Surf Club-Style ‘Boozy Sandwich Shop’

CROWN HEIGHTS – An oasis has appeared on Nostrand Avenue just in time for the stickiest, sweatiest days of New York summer.

Summerhill is Crown Heights’ most Instagrammable, “let’s just crush some watermelon cocktails” hangout. With a boardwalk vibe and a killer cross-breeze, it’s easy to forget you’re sitting across the street from a Key Food and not the Rockaway break.

Helmed by Toronto transplant Becca Brennan, Summerhill serves up a high-low beer menu from Tecate to Evil Twin, rosé on tap, and bright cocktails with made-in-house purees, syrups, and herbal touches like celery shrub (featured in the #Vanlife), fresh watermelon juice and ginger syrup (in the Answer), torched rosemary (in the Dated Old Fashioned), and strawberry-basil puree (in the Summer Jam).

Summerhill’s food menu focuses on lovingly prepared, refreshingly unpretentious sandwiches like the Chicken Fried (hot chicken, buttermilk ranch, slaw and pickles) and the perfect BLT (applewood-smoked bacon, bibb lettuce, and beefsteak tomato, heightened by a garlic aioli), plus substantial vegetarian options (Brennan is a lifelong vegetarian) such as the Keep Austin Weird (panko-fried avocado, honey, jalapeno-pickled radish arugula, and red pepper aioli).

Brennan was a corporate tax attorney with daydreams of opening a boozy sandwich shop until she discovered the perfect piece of real estate around the corner from her Crown Heights apartment: a long-vacant corner bodega (with a rumored backroom illegal gun shop to boot). Brennan signed the lease, gave notice and proceeded to spend over a year painstakingly gut-renovating the space with an uncompromising vision: a surf club vibe with a large concrete horseshoe bar, massive accordion windows, and cheekily wallpapered bathrooms. (Yes, that bullet hole-ridden wall was originally there and, yes, we’re keeping it.)

The vision, says Brennan, was “to open a place that I could imagine working from all day; that feeling goes for our staff and our customers.”

Summerhill has quickly become a favorite among locals as a day-drinking magnet on sweltering summerafternoons. Come winter, Summerhill will provide a similar escape from the chill.

PRESS RELEASE: St. Lucian tech start-up wins CTEP Regional Finals

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Dev758 Solutions, the tech start-up behind LEAP Marketplace, emerged as one of two Idea Stage winners of CTEP Regional Competition Finals in June 2017.

Dev758 Solutions was one of forty finalists who competed for more than USD 40,000 in cash prizes; direct access to The Branson Centre in Jamaica and other prizes.

Leap Marketplace is a mobile and web application which serves as a platform for local craftsmen, artisans, fashion designers and hobbyists to market and sell their products with added business support such as payment processing and delivery services.

It was an extremely challenging but rewarding experience. In the end, I am a better entrepreneur and my idea is one step closer to fruition.

Jason Cassius, co-founder, Dev758 Solutions.

Jason Cassius, co-founder of Dev758 Solutions, was one of nearly one hundred persons from various Caribbean islands enrolled in the Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs Programme (CTEP) Regional Competition. CTEP was organized by Caribbean Development Bank in partnership with the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center, which was funded by The World Bank. The competition was divided into three stages of business: Idea Stage, Validation Stage and Revenue Stage.

One hundred and sixty-four (164) entrepreneurs from various Caribbean islands participated in the three-month long programme. Each course was facilitated by business and tech industry leaders throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world. The participants were required to create business plans, in the form of a pitch deck, develop early stage prototypes and produce a pitch video for their idea or product.

Cassius impressed the judges from the early stages with his outstanding participation in the workshops, mentor sessions, assignments and the innovativeness of his pitch deck (business proposal). For his effort, he is one of six winners (two in each stage) who will each receive a grant of varying amounts to continue with his tech start-up. This was Cassius’ second tech start-up competition. In December 2016, he also participated in PitchIT Caribbean Challenge 2.0, where he placed in the top 25 semi-finalists.

The eventual winners of the CTEP Regional Competition were HIVE (St Lucia) and Dev758 Solutions (St Lucia), Caribonix (Dominica), KaribFusion (Antigua Barbuda), EcoCarib Inc (St Lucia) and Reneescentsationz (Grenada).


Press release: Two Charged Following Police High-speed Chase

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The two people who were taken into custody immediately following last Wednesday’s incident, where the police were involved in two high-speed chases are now charged. Stacey Barthley, 34 and 26yr-old Saliem Harrigan, Aka “Chucky” both of Green Bay were jointly charged on Saturday with Unlawful Possession of one 9mm and one .22 round of ammunition. Barthley was further charged with Perverting the Course of Justice by Making a False Statement.

Last Wednesday, the police and members of Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force were on mobile patrol, when they spotted a white Toyota Mark-X motor car A46268, travelling on Bendals Road at a high speed, with the occupants inside acting suspiciously. This led to a high-speed chase which ended on Bendals Road, after the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed it into a wall, and the occupants fled the area on foot. Following that incident, the police were again involved in another high-speed chase with the driver of a beige Toyota Corolla motor car A41256. The driver of that vehicle was signaled by the police to stop, but he refused and drove through the police cordon. The chase ended in Nut Grove, after he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a fence and also escaped.

Both Harrigan and Barthley were taken into custody as suspects in the matter and questioned. A Search Warrant was executed on their Grays Farm home and the police found two rounds of ammunition. Prior to Barthley being arrested, she made a report to the police that she was robbed of her white Toyota Mark-X motor car by two masked gunmen on Marble Hill Main Road, around 8:35pm the said evening. She reported that she left home to go to KFC on Fort Road; however, she ended up on Marble Hill Main Road and was allegedly accosted by two armed bandits, whom she said stole her vehicle and drove away in it. Investigations into her report have proven to be false, and it is believed that her report was concocted to mislead the investigations.

Police are continuing their investigation into this matter and previous reports of robberies, which the police believed to be connected. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914.  

Stacey Barthley of Grays Farm

Saliem Harrigan of Grays Farm

Apparently Fake Press Release Roils Radius Health Investors

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Radius Health Inc (NASDAQ: RDUS) shareholders might have had a confusing intraday session Friday as shares plunged about 10 percent on no definitive news.

The day got weirder, however, as the end of the week’s trading drew near. Heading into the 3 p.m. hour, shares of Radius Health inexplicably started rebounding — and sharply.

By the close of Friday’s session, shares were down only 0.3 percent.

As the price action unfolded, Benzinga began digging for some justification.

Around 2:58 p.m. EDT, traders began circulating an apparent GlobeNewswire press release coming from the company. The press release dated July 21, 2017, described, in some arguably rocky language, the fact that Radius would be holding a conference call on the same date to discuss “an unexpected loss.”

Benzinga wasn’t the only source to notice some strange elements of the release, as a handful of investors took to social and voiced their opinion that something fishy might be going on.

Aside from some clear grammar errors, Benzinga was able to confirm, upon dialing the number for the conference line, the event listed in the “press release” was already held on May 24.

Additionally, Radius Health’s corporate website doesn’t include any mention of this conference call. Upon calling Radius Health’s main line, a receptionist answered and said she hadn’t heard about any conference happening on Friday.

Another important item to note with this story and this stock: shortsqueeze.com shows Radius Health’s current short interest around 20 percent, a relatively high level of short interest.

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Press Release Regarding Turkey’s aid to Yemen

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In order to help alleviate the pressing needs of the friendly and brotherly people of Yemen, Turkey, in addition to its emergency assistance in 2015 and 2016, and its pledge of 1 million USD announced in April 2017 at the “High Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen”, has sent to Yemen a vessel containing 10.560 tons of humanitarian assistance.

Under the coordination of the Turkish Red Crescent and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency-AFAD and with contributions of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency-TİKA, the vessel, containing 50 tons of medicine and medical equipment for the treatment of cholera, as well as flour, food products, footwear, wheelchairs and 2 field hospitals, reached the Port of Aden yesterday (20 July). The vessel was welcomed at the port with a ceremony in the presence of the relevant Yemeni authorities.

Aiming at establishing peace and stability in Yemen and putting an end to the suffering of the Yemeni people, Turkey will continue to support efforts in finding a political solution to the crisis and make every effort to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of our Yemeni brothers and sisters.

PRESS RELEASE: Chamber gets down to business on July 26th 2017

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The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture will host its first meeting of the “Getting Down to Business” series on Wednesday July 26th 2017 at the Chamber Secretariat from 9:00am.

Members will discuss the Duty Free Liquor Regime and its impact on players within the sector.

The Customs and Excise Department will be in attendance to make a brief presentation on the current Duty Free Liquor Regime, its impact on Businesses and how it operates the rules and related regulations. By partnering with key government agencies the Chamber hopes to:

• Enhance member knowledge and understanding of the issue
• Share their experiences on how the particular issue affects their business
• Identify solutions and approaches to resolving any issues

The Chamber has invited all its members to participate in the Getting Down to Business Series as it seeks to positively impact Members operations. Working closely with Government is critical to improving efficiency and profitably on both sides.

The Chamber strongly believes that these fora will positively impact members as they seek to get to the heart of the business operating environment.


Press release: Shelby County man, woman arrested for child endangerment after wreck

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A Lufkin woman, accused of stealing hydrocodone pills from the pharmacy, where she worked, went to court today.  

PRESS RELEASE: Emancipation in 2017

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Emancipation celebrations provide an opportunity to broaden the public understanding of the significance of all the parties involved in the slave trade and slavery as well as their roles in the process of slavery and “emancipation”.

For many, historical and culturally related aspects of Saint Lucian tradition belong to a segmented portion of the society. Consequently, public participation in related activities generally leaves a lot to be desired. The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) continues in its efforts to encourage Saint Lucians to embrace our rich and diverse history which has contributed to the unique people we are.

As we continue to celebrate some of the strides we have made as a people, the CDF sort to engage the public by issuing an open call to visual artists to participate in a photography competition.

With the focus on photography, competitors were asked to submit photos based on the 2017 theme for emancipation: “Tourism, Politics and Economic Freedom”.

Four (4) of the best entries will be showcased in the annual Emancipation Exhibition scheduled for the JQ Charles Rodney Bay Mall. From Tuesday, August 1st until Monday 21st, the public is invited to view the exhibits which are anticipated to capture a range of subthemes stemming from the broad-based guiding concept.

The exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Our very existence hinges on elements of our work ethic, identity, language, economy, the way we live in and out of our communities; all impacting what and who we are today.

As a nation we are on the brink of an economic revolution, that brings to the fray the balancing act of our independence and dependence on colonial structures or new systems that resemble the old ideologies of a distant past.

On Saturday July 29th, the Bay Walk Mall will play host to panellists who will discuss this year’s theme from 5:00 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend and lend their voices to the evening’s discussion.


Press Release:Two in Custody After High-speed Chase

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STRATCOM-A man and woman are now in police custody, following two separate  high-speed chases with the police, resulting in two separate traffic collisions.

It is reported that around 9:40 pm on Wednesday, the police and members of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Forceb(ABDF) were on mobile patrol, when they came across a White Toyota Mark-X motor car A46268, travelling at a fast speed along Bendals Road with the occupants inside acting suspicious.

An immediate pursuit took place by the police and the vehicle collided into a concrete wall on Bendals Road, after the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle.

The occupants of the car fled the scene on foot. Items were recovered from the vehicle and seized by the police.

In a separate, but what is believed to be a related incident, a beige Toyota Corolla motor car A41256 was spotted by lawmen moments after the first incident in Cashew Hill, with a male driver inside also acting suspicious.

The police signaled him to stop, but he refused and sped away from the area. A high-speed chase ensued, which ended up in Nut Grove, after he lost control of the vehicle and collided into a fence.

He managed to escape from the area on foot. Following both incidents, a Gray’s Farm man and his girlfriend were arrested and taken into custody, and are now assisting the police further with their investigations.

Both vehicles are impounded at Police Headquarters.

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